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Spares for Moover Orthopaedic Cow Shoes

Spares for Moover Orthopaedic Cow Shoes

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An improved formula of MooTac Ultra glue, for the fixing of orthopaedic cow shoes, has beed launched by Dairy Spares.  The 2-part glue allows fixing to be done straightaway, without having to wait for the glue to cure.  So it saves time for the hoof trimmer and avoids the risk of too hasty a fixing leading to poor shoe retention.

Preparation remains important – the glue is heat-sensitive and should be kept warm before use. The hoof should be made dry before the glue is applied.

MooTac Ultra glue has been developed by the makers of the Moovers range of fully biodegradeable shoes of different sizes and colour.  However, it is suitable for use with all hoof block systems.

A 200ml bottle of the new MooTac Ultra glue is sufficient for 6 shoes. We also supply the applicator gun and mixing tips (one per shoe).

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