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Hexsolve Barrier Film

Hexsolve Barrier Film

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  • Contain high levels of chlorhexidin digluconate for excellent biocidal action
  • High emollient content including glycerine and lanolin for optimal skin condition
  • Added peppermint oil, which contains menthol, as astringent known to reduce inflammation
  • Vibrant purple colours for high visibility on teats

Discover the unique and intelligent chemistry blend, expertly chosen by NEOGEN.

Designed for gentle yet highly effective teat cleaning, disinfection, and conditioning, the Hexsolve products provide maximum protection against mastitis-causing pathogens. With high levels of chlorhexidine digluconate and increased emollient content, they ensure optimal skin condition.

Featuring a vibrant purple color and peppermint oil, the formulations offer high visibility on teats. Rest assured, Hexosolve barrier film has passed rigorous tests and proven it’s effectiveness in field trials under farm conditions.

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