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Cattle Hoists

Cattle Hoists

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A cow that cannot stand may yet be saved.

  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Indispensable on every dairy-farm
  • A cow that cannot stand may yet be saved immediately

 With removable handle which will fit on both sides of the spindle.

 Bring the appratus around the hips of the animal and turn the spindle tight.  Lift the animal slowly up so that it can stand up easily.  As soon as the animal is standing, take the tension off the cable.  Now the apparatus will hold the animal so that it does not fall sideways.

It does not make sense to put animals in the apparatus for a longer time, if they cannot stand up at all.  It is important to turn these animals every three hours on their other side.

It is constructed so that with proper use, it will not cause bruising around the hipbone.

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